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28 January 2006

The Frog Pond!

Meet FLAK 1.2, it is the younger sibling to my first FLAK, which I had to frog. Honestly, I tried to justify the one cable error I made. It was a lovely cable, I told myself. Who would know it was not part of the design. Okay, so it through off the symmetry, yet that could be "in", right? No, that argument did not hold with me either. It was so painful to frog my first FLAK. I was almost done with the back, oh yes, I am quite slow at noticing my glaring errors, so I went frogging this morning. I have created FLAK 1.2 and here she is thus far. I shall report updates on her growth.


Tori said...

I think we will all be able to knit these cable patterns in our sleep when we are done :-) FLAK 1.2 looks Great! Soon you'll forget the restart and I wish you smooth sailing(knitting) from here!

Carol said...

I think it looks great and later, much later you'll be glad you restarted it! Knit On!

Jennifer said...

Thank you Tori for the support and knid words. :)`