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22 January 2006

Potpourri of Knitting

This weekend proved more challenging than I thought. I had planned to spend the weekend relaxing and knitting. How does the saying go, the best laid plans? One thing happened after another and before I knew it Sunday night was upon me and I had not picked up my knitting. GASP!
Obviously that needed to promptly be corrected. I put the boys to bed and picked up my Amrha'n Gra Sweater for DH and worked the ribbing. I would have gone farther, but DH chose to learn to cable.
Here is a photo of DH's very first cabling project. Yes, he is knitting socks for me and as an added twist, the pattern he is using has cables in it. After over a decade of me trying to convince him he would enjoy cables, he is finally doing them. I am not certain he is as passionate about cables as I am. Although only time will tell.

Finally, more yarn arrived! The Cascade 22o is gorgeous and will be used in my Irish Hiking Scarf challenge. I cannot wait to not only see, but feel how this yarn knits up.


Bev said...

The ribbing looks good! I can actually see the cables (good photographer) And the socks look like they are done in the same yarn I am currently using for cabled socks! That yarn for the scarf looks luscious as well. Luv seeing your stuff. Keep posting.

Carol said...

Hey Jen,

Everything looks great! Looks like I have the same Opal yarn for some socks too! Go Steve go...cables rock!

Jennifer said...

Thnaks Bev and Carol. Steve just frogged the sock, and is going down two needle sizes. I will post an updated photo hopefully this weekend.