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14 January 2006

What is a girl to do on a Saturday Night?

Well it is Saturday, and naturally my thoughts turned to knitting and reading. I have been
knitting shoulder saddles for my FLAK sweater.

When not knitting, yes I do occasionally take a break, I have been reading Mrs. Dalloway, by Virginia Woolf.

Time to end the evening off with a cup of tea and the movie, Howard's End.


Anonymous said...

Your saddle looks great...I love the braid cable. Knit on!


ttbookjunkie said...

Yor saddle is coming out great!


JennyRaye said...

Your saddle is beautiful! Sounds like you had the ideal Saturday evening--knitting, reading, tea, and a good movie!!!!!

Vicki said...

Jen your saddle looks great. On a Saturday night? Looks like you are going to get plenty of practice with that digital camera - posting daily pics! I didn't get any knitting done Saturday night - was playing cards this week - but I'm usually watching a movie on tv and knitting!


Emily said...

I like the look of your saddle. Who says Saturday night knitting isn't exciting?