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10 February 2006

After Three False Starts, Let the Games Begin!

Here it is, in all it's splendor. What is it? The beginnings of my Pi Are Square Shawl, designed by Elizabeth Zimmermann.

The title is correct. I attempted this three, yes three times before getting it right. Sadly, I was this far all three times before frogging (3 times-have I mentioned that?) So, this is all I have to show for today.

I have learned a few things. Preparation would have been helpful. This was my very first time knitting with lace weight yarn and wow it takes a little while for the fingers to get used to it. Proper tools are also quite helpful. I actually thought I had the correct needles so I did not check, poor choice on my part and a last minute needle substitution was needed. Finally, proper reading through of instructions is quite helpful in getting the pattern correct. It does not hurt to have a great support team-Thank You Carol and Vicki!

This knitter needs to head to bed. Look for future progress reports.


Laura said...

What kind of needles are you using? After I finish one of my WIPs, I'm thinking of starting a project in laceweight. The color of your shawl is gorgeous!

Carol said...

It looks great and I'm glad you got it going. It will be fabulous once it's done.

Jennifer said...

Thank You Laura. I am using a silk/wool blended laceweight yarn from Blackberry Ridge Wollen Mills. I am using Addi Turbos Circular size US 6 needles.

ttbookjunkie said...

Wow that is coming out great!!

Amanda :)