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08 February 2006

And A Neck Opening Is Born

The photo is blurry, probably because my eyes are as well. I just could not put it down until I finished both shoulders and joined the two. It is way past bedtime. In a few hours, when I get up, I shall work on finishing up the front.


Carol said...

Now, I'm even more jealous since I'm not done with one side yet. It looks wonderful.

Sourire11 said...

I found your blog through knit ohio and I'm delurking to say wow. just wow. those cables are beautiful!

Also, I'm updating my sidebar with a list of blogs that I've been reading - do you mind if I link to you?

Jennifer said...

Hi Sourire11!

Thank You and feel free to link me. :-)

Christine said...

What color is your FLAK yarn? The lighting in your photos changes, so I'm not sure.

Jennifer said...

The previous entry shows the actual color. It is PHW from Elann in Pottery Red.