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18 February 2006

FLAK Braid Cable Fixed!

This is definitely is not for the faint of heart. I decided I could not live with the braid mistake. My husband, for the record, is wonderful, and a knitter, thank goodness! He laddered down 29, yes 29 rows of my FLAK braid cable. Was it for the challenge or did he just like to see me cringe as my braid unraveled? Look at that jumbled mess. Oddly, it photographed as the true color. Go figure.
After much anxiety, here is the end result. The braid is a tad loose, but I think that will ultimately end up fine in the end after blocking. Remember the first photo is the true color, this one is not. A shall take a photo of the entire sweater in a little while. I neeed to eat and then return to the KO.


Carol said...

Wow, it's wonderful. Steve is wonderful too! I knew it would work. Congratulations.

CatR said...

Hurrah for a sucessful unravel and fix! I bet there was a bit of breath-holding there. :-)

Jennifer said...

Thanks Carol. Steve rocks! He has no fear, especially when it is not his knitting project. :)

Jennifer said...

Thanks Cat! It is a wonderful feeling when it is all done. I was a quivering mass after the unravelling. I had never, ever laddered down to fix a cable before.

Priscilla said...

Wow! I'm impressed. Whenever I have an error that far down, I just start over.