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15 February 2006

Insanity Or Dedication?

Sometimes there is a fine line between the two. Pictured is my coach, irritated and biting the dpns. I *think* she is trying to tell me to stop knitting with a fever of 103. Then again she could just be irritated that I keep photographing her while she lays on me. Either way, this is my progress on my MOE sock for today. I plan to take my coach's advice now and take more medication and go to bed.


Carol said...

I think you wore the coach out, but your MOE looks fabulous.

Jennifer said...

I need a more cheerful coach. I actually have teeth marks (not mine) in my dpns.

bev said...

She looks worn out. Probably all your fault too. oh and Jen - I am doing Nansen for my dad. Okay!?!

Jennifer said...

I am very pleased to hear you are going to knit Nansen with me. :)

As for my "coach", she was a tad grumpy last night.