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03 February 2006

Irish Hiking Scarf Progress

I wanted to post later, but decided to take advantage of the sun. Here is my Irish Hiking Scarf, thus far. I am knitting it out of Galway #718.


Carol said...

It's beautiful...I love the color!

Suz in WA said...

Jen, Is it possible that your FLAK has a miscrossed cable (in your horseshoe cables) at last repeat you did? It is a beautiful sweater, but that last little bit looks a little wonky...

Jennifer said...

Hi Suz! I saw that in the photo as well and completely freaked out. After calming down and thinking I would be ripping back numerous rows, I pulled the FLAK out from it's tote to take a close look at it. The horsehoes, in person, look fine. Go figure. I have no idea why it looks that way in the photo.

Thank You for pointing out what could potentially have been a disaster. :)

Suz in WA said...

I'm so glad!! BTW, I'm drooling over all your yummy yarn acquisitions. I'm on a yarn diet these days...hopefully not too long!


Stephanie said...

That is beautiful - I love the color!