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15 February 2006

It Is Official I Am Changing My KO Event

I just heard from the KO official, Stephanie-a.k.a Yarn Harlot. She was gracious enough to let me switch events-she is AWESOME. I will be switching my event from the Pi Are Square Shawl I was working on to Mouth of Eve Socks by Bev Warner. Now, before anyone thinks something is odd, I did start my MOE socks, but due to lack of yarn I had to frog them. So, I shall be casting on today and starting from scratch and adding a different yarn for the heels and toes. I have never completed a pair of socks is my life, so this should be interesting.
Now, why the sudden switch? I injured myself. Stop laughing, it is true. Apparently my self taught method of lace knitting is all wrong. My elbow has been in agony for two days. Last night I asked DH, who is also a knitter, why my left elbow would be hurting so darn badly. He noticed that I was rotating it with every.single.stitch. Well, not wanting a permanent injury, I notified Stephanie to see if I could officially switch projects and she graciously allowed me.
Now, I best get off the computer, find the DPNs, yarn, and coffee. I have a lot of catching up to do. I shall hopefully have something to post tonight.


CatR said...

Owwww. There is a surprising amount of straining that can happen. Hope MOE are less painfull and that you get a whole pair soon. :)

Carol said...

Better hurry up and cast on, knit, knit, knit!!!