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22 February 2006

Knitting Olympic GOLD Has Been Achieved!!!

Are they not beautiful? Okay, that would be a slight exaggeration. Seriously, I think they look fairly good for my first attempt at making a pair of socks. I am very proud of myself for finally, after 15 years of knitting, being able to have my first ever hand knit socks under my belt. I am now hooked on socks, which I would not have even thought I would ever say 13 days ago. Had it not been for Stephanie and her KO challenge, I would never have even tried to knit socks. Thank you Stephanie! Thank you to all who supported me through these past 13 days. Now I shall sit back and enjoy the last few days of the Olympics. :-)


Suzetta said...

I think they are beautiful too. Now that you have the skill set to knit socks, you will have the best dressed feet in town.

Carol said...

How about thank you Carol for the encouraging the socks too???? They look great!

Jennifer said...

Silly, you were thanked, just not by name. :D

Laura said...

Yay, Jennifer! Congratulations on your gold medal!

Tricotine said...

WOOHOOO!!! YOU DID IT!!! This is a beautiful pair of socks!

Isabelle :)