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09 February 2006

More Valentine Goodies-Carol Made Me Socks!

Carol made me socks!!!!! A Knitter's dream-to have someone else knit them something. As you can see, these are so special they deserved a separate post. Carol did a wonderful job. She is sneaky, since I had no idea socks were coming my way.

Here I am trying to model the socks and if one looks closely, Dani is to the left giving them her approval. Thank You Carol!


CatR said...

Way cool! Surprise socks look great. Love the colours.

Carol said...

The top picture really captures the true color.

Monique said...

Wow....I love the yarn. What kind is it??

Tricotine said...

WOW!!! Beautiful socks!

I LOVE those colors shades!!! What yarn is that?

Isabelle :)

Jennifer said...

Thank You. They were a gift. :-) The yarn sadly, is no longer made.