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17 February 2006

Only Nine (9) Day Left!

Only nine (9) days left in the KO, and this is as far as I have been able to get. The virus is beating me down. The rest of the day shall be devoted to the FLAK sweater and my attempt to ladder down a braid, or more realistically a visit to the frog pond. If all goes well I shall be back to the MOE socks come Sunday evening. I am running out of time, but not hope.


bev said...

Fun heel! But, alas, the training needed to be a true athlete took its toll and you are ill as a result. Steroids....or chocolate....that is your answer.

Jennifer said...

I told you the heel would be funky. The color does not really look that bright. It is Knit Picks, Essential in Burgundy.

I shall chose Alka-Seltzer Cold Plus.

Carol said...

I like the color of the heel. It looks great. Now get some chocolate to break that fever.

Jennifer said...

I am about to send Steve out for chocolate and settle in for some Olympic watching and knitting.