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02 March 2006

FLAK-One Sleeve Down, One To Go

Slowly, but surely I am making progress on my FLAK. I have finished the right sleeve, except the cuff and have begun working on the left sleeve. I will finish the cuffs last, after the body is done. I have yet to decide how I want the cuffs, body ribbing, and neck ribbing to look.


Carol said...

It looks wonderful. Mine might be done by Christmas 2007!

Jennifer said...

You are too funny! Your FLAK is beautiful. I personally was thinking of leaving it this way and going with a symmetrical look. What do you think? LOL

kelle said...

It's beautiful! I'm casting on for the large swatch tonight. What yarn are you using? I decided to use cascade 220 - magenta.

Jennifer said...

Thank You Kelle. I am using Elann's Peruvian Highland Wool in Pottery Red.

Dipsy D. said...

Your FLAK is coming along so fine - I'm already curious to see how you're going to do the cuffs - do post dome more progress pics, please :)
Have fun knitting, and best wishes from Austria!