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15 March 2006

Knit Picks Socks Completed!

I know. The sock is not blocked, but I wanted to display the colors. Thanks again Carol for gifting me the yarn. :-) For those interested I used; Knit Picks Simple Stripes in Vineyard, Bryspun Flex dpns US#2, and no pattern-just bits and pieces from several basic patterns.


bev said...

Awesome sock! Great work. Now are you a true addict? Will you succumb to the desire to have more sock yarn?

Jennifer said...

Thank You Bev! I am totally addicted to knitting socks-thank you for sharing this addiction with me. :-)
I probably will always want more sock yarn. Do you realize how many wonderful yarns there are? LOL I will be good and stick to the SYAC rules. Thank Goodness I joined The Socks That Rock Sock club!

Carol said...

They turned out great and the color is far better on you than it would have been on me :)