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07 March 2006

Let the Sock Obsession Begin

It is official, I am addicted to knitting socks! I took a break to show the beginnings of this one. I just love being gifted yarn-thanks Carol! After this pair I have two gorgeous skeins of Cherry Tree Hill Potluck sock yarn waiting, begging to be knitted. Who would have ever thought I would be knitting socks. Wow.


bev said...

Love the yarn! What colorway and company is it? Aren't socks grand?

Jennifer said...

Thanks Bev! The yarn is Knit Picks, Simple Stripes. The colorway is #23547 "Vineyard".

I am loving socks. :D

Stephanie said...

Those are going to be really pretty.

Jennifer said...

Thank You, Stephanie. :)

trek said...

Socks just plain rock.

The only yarn I stash is sock yarn. And that isn't stash yarn, really, it is queue yarn since I know it is intended for, well, socks.

Happy sock knitting!

Carol said...

Enabling is such fun !!!