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30 March 2006

Why I Am Avoiding Finishing the FLAK!

As I went to work on my STR, I noticed a slight problem. Can anyone see it? Even though my gauge is spot on, something dreadful happened. The cuff is way too wide. Off to the frog pond I go.

I am fully engrossed in this novel and wish to finish this afternoon.

These Socks! They are just so mindless, yet brilliantly fun!


Carol said...

Wow, those are just stunning. I love how the yarn is working up.

Christine said...

Glad you're enjoying the book. The socks look fun.

I only have the back of my FLAK, I haven't even done the front. What is my excuse? Um... fickleness?

Laura said...

Boy, that Sockotta sock is fun! With all that patterning going on, it must be flying by. I'd be anxious to see what will happen next!

I've read that King novel and it is really good. Enjoy the rest!

Jennifer said...

I was not certain how I would like the colors, but they turned out lovely. Naturally my limited photography skills impair the true beauty of the colors.

Jennifer said...

The book is wonderful and I look forward to reading more of her books. I just adore being introduced to new authors.

As for the FLAK, it will wait. It is already quite warm here and I have had my first sun burn. So as I see it, I have until next January to finish it.

Jennifer said...

I do like Sockotta. I was not certain how I would like it. I prefer other yarns, but for the price, Sockotta is awesome.

The novel was splendid and I look forward to reading more from King.