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03 April 2006

Another Week of Spring Break-Will I Make It?

Spring Break has been underway for the past three (3) days. Today makes day four (4). One more week to go and I am wondering if I will make it. One teen and twin pre-teens, topped off with periodic rain (actually more rain than sun) makes for a very long break. Did I mention I have three boys? I wish I could say I have achieved a lot thus far. I did finish this Christmas gift, sorry about the photographic quality, or lack thereof.

I would rather spend the next week (yes, 7 more days) like this:

Until I master just how she manages to sleep through all the noise and chaos surrounding her, I shall need to rely on knitting socks, drinking coffee, and lots of deep breathing.


Christine said...

Lovely brown scarf. What yanr did you use?

Jennifer said...

Thanks Christine! I used Cascade 220 and it knit up very nicely. Photographed dreadfully, but the color is lovely. It is not a solid brown, but my photography skills and lack of sun do not show off the color.

Carol said...

I love the scarf, but love the sleeping kitty princess even more :)

Jennifer said...

The sleeping princess agrees with you. :)