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10 April 2006

Ducks & Yarn, Oh My!

First, my ducks are back. Princess is missing from the photo. She was camera shy. Okay, technically I do not own them, but it is always nice to see them return in the spring.

Up next, my new yarn from Britain! No, I did not break the SYAC rules, it just took this yarn a while to reach me. It was well worth the wait. For those interested, this is a lovely skein of La Grossa Meilenweit Mega Boot Stretch #703. It feels wonderful. I cannot wait to knit it up.


Carol said...

I love the ducks. We have some that visit periodically and I love to hear them softly "quack" when you walk near them.

The yarn is very pretty. The colors remind me of a sunset. Which pattern are using it for?

Jennifer said...

This group of three come back each spring and have have their ducklings, move on and come back every spring for a repeat performance. I cannot wait for the ducklings.

As for the yarn. Way back when I ordered it, I did indeed have a pattern in mind. Naturally I no longer recall what that plan was.