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06 April 2006

Look What DH & the Boys Brought Me!

Yes, it is still Spring Break! I know the "break" in Spring Break was not intended for the mothers! I digress. After almost going into heart failure this morning writing a check for the down payment on the twins braces, and sitting through a 2 hour appointment wondering how I am going to make these monthly payments and still afford yarn to knit, not to mention the fact it is still Spring Break, I am to say the least frazzled. If you have teens and they happen to be all boys, you know how much energy they have, especially when it comes to bothering each other. Again, I digress. DH must have realized I was at my breaking point, because he came home early with this:
DH apparently was trying to be creative and took the photo of the book in my cat's Kitty Pi. Every now and then I Indulge his "creative" side.

I have been knitting for over 15 years, did I need another book? YES for several reasons:

1) I own Stephanie's other books and cannot stand not owning an entire collection.
2) Stephanie always brightens my day.
3) I have been wanting her sock pattern and cheat sheet for knitting socks. :-)
4) For whatever reason, as soon as I read an excerpt of her writing to DH, he understands my knitting needs better. Thanks Stephanie!

Off to hide-I mean grab some coffee, the book, my knitting and the cat. The boys and DH have yard work to do-okay, they do not know that wee bit yet, but they will soon enough.


Carol said...

What a wonderful surprise! I hope you got to enjoy that coffee, the book and the cuddle with Dani. When Steve and the boys are done with your yard work send them over please. They're predicting snow showers for us; will spring ever come to Chicago (sigh)!

cathych said...

I need to get a book of some sort, ah well, its always a wip, right?

Becky said...

What a sweetie! I just got my book in the mail. I don't have the others, but this one sounds like it has good info in it, besides entertainment. :)

Jennifer said...

The guys do excellent work in the yard, when they actually work. ;-)

Jennifer said...

I collect knitting books. Heck I just plain collect books of all sorts. Books, Yarn, Patterns. I like it all.

Jennifer said...

I have all three and laughed through all of them. They make fun gifts as well.