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20 April 2006

Nature's Splendor

While out chatting on the phone I noticed something in my honeysuckle. Look how beautifully crafted the nest is and the color of the egg is gorgeous. Now, if only I could find sock yarn in that exact color.

Speaking of sock yarn, here is an update on my Sixth Sense Sock perched on top of one of my Candytuft.

The Splendor of Spring.


Stephanie said...

Love the egg! I hope it hatches. :)

Carol said...

Don't you just love robin's egg blue....I hope you get to see the baby.

The sock is glorious. I love the color.

Jennifer said...

I too love the egg. The boys and I shall continue to watch from a distance.

Jennifer said...

Thanks Carol. I really like Lang's Jawoll. Now I *need* to find it in the color of the Robin's egg.