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24 April 2006

Now There Are Four!

Well I thought the nest was as full as it could get, but I was wrong. I just love the colour of these eggs.

I did a little knitting on the way to and from the doctor's office. I am now ready to begin the heel. There is not much to show, but since I have not posted any knitting for a few days, here it is:

There should be a heel and some of the foot to show tomorrow, if all goes well.


Doll said...

I love these socks. I've done a couple toddler sizes but the next will be for me! Enjoy!!


Jennifer said...

I am truly enjoying this pattern. :-)

Carol said...

The sock looks great.

Isn't it great the way the robin has staggered her eggs so she's not faced with them hatching all at the same time.