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29 April 2006

SSSHHH, Do Not Tell....

I admit it, I am feeling better. So much so, that I am supposed to be out back working on the yard. Well, I am in the backyard, note the lawn mower in the background.

Yet, can anyone blame me for working the heel of my Sixth Sense Sock on such a nice day? I plan to use the mommy Robin as my excuse. She is taking care of her eggs and I did not want to disturb her with the loud mower. After all, she does have young to grow and my knitting is almost silent.


CatR said...

Perfect excuse to not mow the lawn! Glad to hear you're feeling better :)

Jennifer said...

Thnaks Cat! I was healthy all winter then get slapped with this weird viral/bacterial thing. I look forward to not needing to take the medications any longer, nasty side effects.