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09 April 2006

Weird Things Happen / Last Day of Spring Break!

I must truly be showing signs that I need Spring Break to be over. The guys are acting strange. First they bought me a knitting book, which is very unlike them. Then today while exercising they went out (where I have no idea) and came back with this:

Lana Grossa Multiffekt 3090! If you have not guessed yet, DH was doing his "creative" photography again. I must allow it since the man did manage to find sock yarn somewhere!

I have the best men in my life. I am looking forward to the boys going back to school tomorrow and DH going to work, I will not deny that! Yet I love them more than anything in the world (my cat and yarn come in at a close second).


Carol said...

Wow, you've got cool stuff sprouting in your lawn this year...what kind of seeds did Steve use???

Jennifer said...

Those are perennials. I do absolutely nothing except make sure the much is around them. They bloom throughout spring. I have no idea what they are called, but they look great for only 3 months out of the year.