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30 April 2006

White Tea & Ginger?

Candles of course, although it would be an interesting name for a yarn colour. Sadly, DH had already poured the scent by the time I learned Carol could not tolerate this scent. My apologies Carol, please feel free to pick the next scent.

My DH was very productive today, while I did as little as humanly possible. I did manage to fit exercise and a shower into my extremely non-productive day. We do not sell candles, BUT my dear friend Deb however does sell candles and hers look much more professional.

Candle making in progress (tarts and the first pour of votives)-note the low tech system we have down:

Voila! The finished tarts and votive candles:

Finished jar candles-we shall not speak of the un-spring like colour. This is one reason I do not dye my own yarn.


Carol said...

The candles look great. I love the little ones that look like flower pots.

Jennifer said...

Thanks Carol. Now we need to find some scents you are able to tolerate. :-)