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04 May 2006

Does Anyone Know What This Is?

I desperately need more of whatever this plant is. I do know it is a drought resistant perennial ground cover with vine-like tendrils. This plant likes partial sun to shade and spreads. Unfortunately I did not buy enough of them last year and would very much like to find more of these plants. Does anyone recognize this plant?


Dave said...

I'd say it's this:

Jennifer said...

You Rock! Thank You!! Know I can spend more time in the car to find these. plant them and then get back to my neglected knitting.

Carol said...

It's very pretty; I hope you can find it.

Jennifer said...

Hi Carol,
Well DH is heading back with more of these and then it is back to planting. If it was not for Dave (whose blog is great-check out his socks) I would not have known what this plant was.