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14 May 2006

Happy Mother's Day!

Today is Mother's Day! Let me show off my gifts!

First, my personal favorite, a made from scratch peach pie! One of my 11 year old twins created this masterpiece. Note: we are not ones to wait until a pie has cooled before digging in.

Next up, a peony marking this Mother's Day and a 6' wooden trellis, just waiting for the Clematis, one for each child. Note: The peony and trellis will eventually block out the ugly piping. We took out a tree last weekend and it left quite a void.

Finally, a new warm up jacket by Danskin. Does anyone notice it is a tad big? It is a medium, I asked for small, then again it is not turquoise/aqua either, yet I love it all the same. Guys can have a difficult time shopping for womens clothing, or at least mine have a difficult time and I applaud them for trying.

May all the mother's out there have a wonderful, joy filled day!

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