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05 May 2006

Off To the Frog Pond...

This is so sad, I need to visit this place this evening:

How did this happen? My gauge is perfect, the yarn is scrumptious, the needles divine! Yet the sock is too tight, it is stretched as far as it can be and the perfect heel is stuck behind my toes.

Bye-Bye My Dear Friend!


Carol said...

Oh no, how sad! Can you go up a needle size?

bev said...

Hey Baby, nice toes! Agree with Carol. The needles look a bit like toothpicks. Not a good sign for a sock that is too small.

Jennifer said...

Hey Carol! I just finished stringing those teeny tiny stitches on waste thread, and the thing fits. Whoo Hoo!

Jennifer said...

Hiya Bev!

Where have you been hiding? You have been missed. I just *knew* the needles were right, so I placed those beautiful microscopic stitches on waste thread and the sock? It fits! I feel like Cinderella. Pity I cannot enjoy the moment. I am heading out to work on the yard ALL day.

ttbookjunkie said...

Oh Jennifer I am sorry that your socks came out too small. But at least you found out before you got too far along with them.

Amanda :)