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11 May 2006

Oh The Looks, But I Did Find The Time To Knit!

It is quite obvious I have not had time to knit, until this afternoon. My twins had their 5th grade D.A.R.E. graduation, so I decided to take along a sock to knit. Nothing fancy. No concentration needed. No need to even look at said sock. Simple knitting while I sat with other proud parents. I literally gave up counting all the people who either stared disapprovingly or outright glared. In case it is not clear, I do not live in a knitting friendly area. Anyway the stares did not bother me. I just continued to knit.


bev said...

Good for you - How D.A.R.E. they not bring their own knitting. I know, they just don't know how and were waiting for you to offer lessons!

Jennifer said...

LOL! I should have printed up flyers announcing knitting lessons and handed them out. :-)