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09 May 2006

Outwitted By A Bird & Why I Have No Knitting To Share

I have repeatedly tried to get more pictures of the baby birds but mama is always around. Here she is perched on the rim of the nest. Seriously this is one devoted mama. I have caught glimpses of baby beaks, but that is it. Look closely, she is on the left next to the white fence post.

Since I have no knitting to show and pictures of the various athletic and band meetings are not that thrilling, I will share some glimpses of my backyard.

First up, my son's vegetable garden (ignore the weeds, he is in charge of his garden). The taller plants in the front are peppers. Note: the uigly fence belongs to the neighbors and they are replacing it-Yippee!

A portion of a Variegated Weigela. We transplanted 3 of these this past Sunday.

Catmint-one of the many plants I planted over the weekend.

My newest Clematis (Niobe)- notice the ugly wire fence? It will soon be covered with Clematis.

Finally, for those who are not completely bored, 1 of my 4 Peonies.

Now, I am off to a Parent Informational Meeting for Fall Cross Country (did anyone notice the meting is for the FALL?) . Maybe I will be able to knit a few rounds there. Hope springs eternal.


bev said...

Jenn - Your flowers and garden make me envious. Come plant for me, my thumb is not green.

Carol said...

Your flowers and garden are wonderful. If the weather ever cooperates I will get mine planted.

Jennifer said...

I do not have a green thumb either, Bev. all the plants photograaphed are "me" proofed. If I can grow them, anyone can. :-)

Jennifer said...

Carol, I am afraid to see all the weeding that will need to be done. You were so kind to send me days of rain and drizzle, just what the weeds adore. ;-)