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03 May 2006

Too Much Sun and Not Enough Knitting Time!

I am starting to become a tad irritated at my lack of knitting time. I *should* have brought my sock with me, but I honestly did not think I would be standing in line for 40 minutes just to renew my driver's license. Lack of planning on my part and to atone I shall knit myself silly this evening, starting at the Middle School Orientation meeting.

Just to remind everyone this is an actual knitting blog, here is a picture of yarn. No, I did not break the SYAC rules, this is an old picture. The third skein from the left has been living with Carol for quite some time now.

Today was one of those days where I lived in a car, store, meeting, or line. Here are the flowers I purchased for planting, and the adorable blackberry tree/bush-it looks like a tree to me, but I am assured it will be a bush.

And my first hanging basket of the season:

Last, but not least, check out: Knitters Against Multiple Sclerosis at Claudia's Blog!

Time to get back in the car so I can knit/attend a parent meeting.


Carol said...

I love your patio and yard (what I can see of it) especially the white fence. Better get busy and plant all those lovely flowers so you then can come to my house and do mine, which I haven't even purchased yet. I might have time three weeks from next Sunday :)

claudia said...

Hey, thanks for the link! That is an amazing cute kitty.

Jennifer said...

Thank You Carol. We could have a planting party.

Jennifer said...

My cat thinks she is pretty adorable as well. ;-)

You are most welcome for the link. It is a very worthy cause and I pray everyone who sees it donates. :-)