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19 May 2006

Yarn and Exercise Videos All In one Day!

Look what the postal carrier brought me!

All the way from the Netherlands...

...Trekking XXL Aquarell #166!

...Lang JaWoll #173

If the yarns were not enough, I received also two new exercise DVD's!

Looks like I have a full weekend ahead. First to finish off the Trekking XXL Ombre socks. Then work outside (it is sunny again) as well as exercise. Last but not least, begin working with the new Trekking.


Carol said...

The new Trekking is lovely. Have fun with the new videos. It seems it was a great mail day your house.

rachel said...

Boy, I sure would like one of those mail days! All I get is bills. I'm dying to try the Trekking - let me know how you like it. Thanks for suggesting your friend's site - I'm wanting to order soon - but I didn't see the inox sock needles on her site.

Jennifer said...

Hi Carol! It was a great mail day. :-) I am hoping to finish the Trekking Ombre socks tonight and see if the Trekking Aquarell can compete.

Jennifer said...

I am finishing up a pair of socks using Trekking XXL Ombre and I adore the socks. The colours are wonderful. I am hoping the Trekking Aquarell will be just as stunning.
Astrid's site is great. The short metal Addis are not listed yet due to her order not arriving. Keep looking. :-)

CatR said...

Great colours! Will be looking out for your reviews of the exercise DVDs...