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14 June 2006

New Knitting Project, Trek Along With Me, and Our Resident Chipmunk!

After receiving Janet Szabo's Twist and Turns Newsletter, I have decided to begin a summer sweater. I will be making Janet Szabo's, Stone Cotton Cardigan out of Cotton Fleece.

I am continuing with the Trek Along, slowly but surely. Here is a picture of my sock in South-Central Ohio.

For the cuteness factor, meet our resident chipmunk. He is in our window feeder-ignore the messy windows.

Finally, Chippy posing for a picture, again ignore the dirty window, thanks.


Becky said...

Cute chipmunk and very pretty sock. The pink is lovely,too. It will make a beautiful cardigan.

Carol said...

Cute chipmunk! I love the pink Cotton Fleece. Did you work a swatch yet? I didn't have time :(