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23 June 2006

One Rainy Friday

It rained today, which I am quite grateful for. Not only did we need the rain, but it gave me a reason not to be working in our yard. It has been wonderful working side by side with my family, do not get me wrong, but yesterday was 94 degrees and terribly humid and I desperately needed a break.

Let me Flashback to yesterday for a moment. I was too wiped out to even post about my new project my friend Carol has found for us. I apologize Carol, for not posting this yesterday when the pattern arrived by post. Yes, I am going to be starting a second cardigan. Apparently I have a difficult time being faithful to just one sweater at a time. Carol and I will both be working on Cabin
Fever's,"The Braids Cardigan". Mine will out of cotton and Carol's wool. Guess who lives in a cooler climate.

Back to present day. While I was exercising (there will be no photos of that ever) my family was busy.

My son (the older twin) made Reese's Chewy Chocolate Cookies for the family.

DH made healthy Carrot Muffins for me.

My oldest son was able to capture a photo of the cat awake (not any easy

And I was able to knit a few rounds of my cardi undisturbed (until my family
realized I was not about doing motherly things).

There is a brilliant sunset this evening, so tomorrow it is back to working in the yard.


trek said...

I got your comment but I didn't receive your email address. I ahve gotten so many requests for the Retro Pinky this morning! Four!

This means I haven't any at the moment but I think I will try to get some more fabric today.

Please email me - I really want the STR!!

Carol said...

Please save me one of those cookies, or am I too late? I haven't had one minute to even sit let alone knit!! Sigh....maybe today.