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28 June 2006

Photographers In The Making

I have nothing of interest to show on my cardigan, so I decided to help my boys and show off their photography skills (it keeps them happy).

My oldest enjoys photographing clouds. I do not know why, he just does. I have inquired and I get a typical unintelligible teen answer. His masterpiece from today.

My oldest twin (by 5 minutes) enjoys photographing people. Since I do not like placing pictures of my family online, he is out of luck today. Some of his pictures of my cardi have been displayed on previous days.

My youngest twin enjoys photographing nature. Today's picture -birds- I am instructed to mention that he believes they socialize on this feeder and he has movies that prove his theory.

Tomorrow, with luck, photos of my cardi with at least one sleeve. I have had no time to knit today. I knew I was knitting at too nice a clip for it to last.


Janet Szabo said...

Jennifer, tell your son that I believe his theory about bird socializing. I have been watching grosbeaks, woodpeckers, chickadees, and finches this summer and it's a regular little soap opera in my yard. I hope we get to see more pics from your boys.

Jennifer said...

Thank you Janet. My son was pleased to see his photo received a comment. He is a nature lover and thoroughly enjoys watching the birds throughout the day.

Carol said...

Tell the boys their photos are wonderful. I also love to take pictures of clouds and approaching storms because the different colors and layers of the clouds are fascinating.