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26 June 2006

Quite A Productive Sunday

Yes, I realize I am posting this on Monday. I was too tired and sore yesterday to care if I wrote on my blog or not. Now I am down with a migraine, but wanted to get more pictures up.

If you only care to see my knitting, scroll to the bottom of this post.

Why do I post all the yard photos, one may ask. I thought about that one myself. For 3 years our yard has been quite neglected with the exception of mowing. I do not know if my interest in being outdoors is due to me finally becoming acclimated to this climate, or because I managed to finally lose 67 pounds and 60+ total inches. I am now back to the size I was when I became pregnant with my oldest-it only took 15 years. I have a renewed energy and a love for life. I am taking pride in the yard, something I did not care much about in the previous years.

Yesterday was spent re-landscaping. I took everything out except a few choice plants. I moved unknown pounds of dirt and raked the area flat. Laid grass seed down, raked more, and now I wait for grass to grow. I do not have a photo of what this area originally looked like, but I assume the woman who lived here prior to us would cry.

One of the Clematis decided it needed more room to grown, so my youngest twin decided to rig this up. I think the Clematis took to it nicely.

Look! Grass is beginning to grow. :-)

Finally, I did indeed have a few minutes to work on the cardi. The right front is done through the neck shaping and I began the left front.

I plan on working on the cardi today, as soon as the pain of the migraine lessens.

1 comment:

Carol said...

I can't believe the grass is coming up The yard looks very pretty. You did a great job! I'll be right over to sit on the patio...get the iced tea ready for me.