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31 July 2006

At Least I Am Posting

Remember back 23 days when I purchased a new bike? I bought a trendy hybrid because I was terrified of bikes. Had not been on one in decades. Well, within 22 days I maxed her out. I was at the top speed in the highest gear. So, having the cycling bug in me (who knew?) I went to a totally awesome town-great coffee, no yarn store-fancy that? I digress. I met a wonderful guy-not in that way-who was quite patient with me and my husband and get this-he tolerated 3 hot, sticky (heat index was about 100), completely bored teens-the entire time I test rode bikes. He took time to properly fit me as any good LBS should do. He should me how to do routine maintenance on my bicycle without be condescending. All in all he was great!

Did you think I forgot this is mainly a knitting blog? I did knit the entire way there and back. I am stuck in the middle of a heat wave-we are supposed to hit 105 today, which to me translates to- knitting time! Honestly I have nothing interesting to show on the knitting front. I finished an Irish Hiking scarf yesterday-it will be a Christmas gift for my MIL. My FIL will get one as well only in a manly colour. Today is devoted to learning all about my new ride and of course continued work on The Braids Cardi.

Want to see my new ride? I have not named her-yet. My twins think she should be named Bastet....


Carol said...

Nice ride!!!!

trek said...


CatR said...

That's a pretty serious bike.