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28 July 2006

Braids Cardi Updates and More Postcards

Ever go through the torture of three teens trying on clothing to see if what they have in their closets are too big, too small, or just right? It is a very, very painful experience for the parent. Seriously. I shall be working on the neck openings and bands of the Braids to help get me through this time.

Here are some Braids Cardi updated photos, beginning with the entire sweater-yes it resembles a castle, but I am assured it is indeed correct. Again, imagine the entire thing blocked.

A cable close-up-again think blocked

The cardi "closed"

Finally, postcards for Norman & Baldric, in addition to postcards from Carol. She is at a Blueberry Festival today and I wish I was there.

Back to the ever growing pile of clothing. My teens are trying to convince me certain articles of clothing just do not "fit". Knitting, I need to get back to my knitting and pretend this ever growing pile of clothing to donate is a good thing.

1 comment:

Larjmarj said...

Beautiful pattern, beautiful color, nice work.