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11 July 2006

Going On Vacation!

Sadly not me, but my sock (it is Trekking Aquarell 166 after all-it needs to travel). It was the only chance I had to visit Chicago, Wisconsin, and Northern Minnesota this summer. My friend Carol (still blogless) was kind enough to give my sock the royal vacationing experience. I am looking forward to the postcards. Fear not, my sock shall not be alone, it will be vacationing with a gnome (not mine).

The Sock already in the sock bag made by Trek

The Trekking sock popping out of the bag long enough to say goodbye.

Trekking XXL Aquarell sock in the car and ready for a brilliant vacation.

If only I was going with.

Added 7/12:

Meet Norman the Traveling Gnome (he lives with Carol)

1 comment:

trek said...

That's too funny!
Hope the sock has a good time.