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21 July 2006

If It Was Not For The Postal Service...

...I would have nothing to blog about. Well nothing remotely close to knitting. Motherly stuff, check. Bicycling stuff, check. Exercise, check. Cleaning out literally an attic full of packaging peanuts (and no, I have no clue why anyone would insulate with them), check. Sweating profusely due to inhumane humidity levels, check. Knitting, well sort of, but not enough to see much progress.

That is precisely where my letter carrier steps in. Today he brought me a package from none other than Blue Moon's Rockin' Socks Club. Inside was the new pattern, a tattoo, another adorable key chain and a gorgeous skein called Peaseblossom (I do like the clever name). Ignore the haze in the photograph-it is just humidity.

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