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01 July 2006

July Already?

It is difficult to believe it is already July. Where is the time going? As usual, time dictated I not knit quite so much and get my rear outside. For those of you who do not know me well, I shall tell you a wee secret...I dislike gardening. I know many who love it. For those it is an art form, meditation, what have you. For me, all I see is work, work, and more work.

An example:

See this dreadfully ugly fence? We are trying to disguise it. See the hideous mound? Well someone (yes, me) needs to level it. The mini roses that refuse to die? (yes, I get to transplant them). The two huge honking shrubs in the pots? I ignored them yesterday, due to above mentioned work, and need to plant them today.

I did think of the hummingbirds:

As well as myself:

For those of you waiting for my cardi update, here it is:

After the yard (yuck) I am hoping to work on the left sleeve. I am so close to being done, yet so far away.


CatR said...

Speeding along with the cardi and it looks pretty damn impressive. The sooner you get the yard done, the sooner you can enjoy knitting out there :)

Carol said...

The cardi looks great and so does the wonder you didn't answer the phone yesterday:)