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24 July 2006

Postcards, Bags, and Baskets

My spare time has been consumed with biking, not knitting. I know, I know, I must find a way to do both!

I received my first postcard today from Baldric (my sock who went on the vacation I could not) and his pal Norman (Carol's Gnome).

A totally cool sock bag made by Trek
arrived. I adore it and it is reversible!

One side:

The flip side

Finally, my 100% handmade Amish Laundry Basket arrived!!

I am heading to a BBQ and taking The Braids Cardi with.


trek said...

Yay sock bags - glad you like it

rachel said...

I have heard of people who can knit while they walk, bike, etc. I just don't think I'm that coordinated! Love your new laundry basket!


Carol said...

I love the laundry basket and the sock bag. I think I need to order a sock bag and come to think of it, the laundry basket too!