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12 July 2006

Share The Road, Please

It was bound to happen eventually. With three sons and a wonderful husband begging me to go biking with them, they just knew I would eventually crack. I am now a full-fledged bicycle convert, with maps of almost every trail in the tri-state area. Two weeks ago I would have told anyone who cared to ask that I would never, ever get up on a bike that was not stationary. I admittedly refused to bike for decades. Of course my children all learned and DH is an avid biker, but I always told them it was not my cup of tea. Now I am out biking and actually loving it. At this point I would like to mention that had my family bothered to tell me there are rest stops (real bathroom facilities) and decent places to eat every 10 miles, not to mention the shopping-knitting stores I did not even know existed (cool!)-I may have become a convert earlier. I am so excited with my newest hobby. I even found a delightful Amish man to make a wooden bike basket for me. Get this- he felt that not only should it be functional to carry groceries, but that it should also double as a picnic basket, since I was going on family outings-I love this man! I will post pics as soon as he makes the basket with lid, oh yes, he has thought of everything. My only regret is my DH keeps telling everyone about his biking family and we have been invited on 3 weekend bike trips, which would be delightful if I had logged more than 6 hours on a bike. I just learned to efficiently stop yesterday without almost throwing myself over the handle bars. So, for now, I shall contain my embarrassing bike moments to immediate family.

On the knitting front, The Braids Cardigan is coming along nicely. It is raining sheets of rain, so no photos for now. I cannot complain, we desperately needed the rain.

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