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15 July 2006


My foul mood is apparently here to stay for awhile, wish my family well as they are the ones who must deal with me. I do not even know why I am crabby, with the exception of this heat wave and humidity! I am not a summer person to begin with and these temps along with soaring humidity are not at all helping my temperament.

A few updates. First the Braids Cardi. The false seams (still trying to understand the logic of this and why it could not just be a seamless sweater) are completed. They mark where the underarm will be. Everything is now "separated" and I shall begin working on the back portion, the only piece left on needles. The picture could be better, but as I mentioned it is HOT outside.

An update on Baldric the vacationing sock. He arrived safely in Chicago and is resting before his journey. Carol, with whom he is staying, is supplying all photos. Notice the colour and clarity of Carol's photos? And to think she remains blogless-the irony is not lost on me.

Look what arrived from Twisted Lily Designs!

Now I must take my foul mood to the bike store to try on cycling shorts-odds that the experience will further my foul mood? At least my earrings will look nice.


CatR said...

Cycling shorts eh? Sounds like things are getting pretty serious. Cycling shorts seem to me like a terrible conspiracy, have driven behind someone with considerably worn out shorts last night... The typical lycra garment I envisage seem to be completely unnecessary unless you're doing speed trials. I'm having a rage against items of clothing without pockets after having spent the night locked out of my house, keys on the inside }:-.

Jennifer said...

Nice to see you Cat! No lycra for me-that would only be if I indeed began racing, which I do not foresee happening-at least not in the near future. You and and anyone out watching me will be pleased to know I bought the "baggy" cargo version.

trek said...

Aw, what a sweet picture of a sleeping sock.

That's why you're in a fould mood - you sock left home unfinished.

Jennifer said...

The sock does look comfortable, no? The agreement was, it could go on vacation allowing me time alone with the cardi and I would finish it after it returned from vacation.

Carol said...

Cycling shorts...must be getting serious!

Baldric and Norman are hiding here in the house today since the temps are predicted to be 100 with humidity to match.