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06 July 2006

Why One Should Not Knit At A BBQ

Surgery, although minor, was required on my Braids Cardigan. A direct result of my lack of attention to detail while partying.

The offending stitches

Laddering down to the offending stitches

Knitting back up after fixing the offensive purls

The repaired area

Surgery was a success, I present the new and improved Braids Cardi!

Today's surgeon and photographer was none other than my DH. He is quite pleased with his work. The operating table was my cat's Kitty Pi, she was not pleased.


Stephanie said...

Dude - what were you drinkin at that barbeque? ;)

heather said...

I agree! How'd you mess that up? :)

I'm still in awe over your husband who knits. Amazing.
And your yarn color choice is perfect.

Jennifer said...

Sadly, I do not watch what I am knitting as I go. I only look at it when I decide to take a break. How or why my fingers decided to purl there is anyone's guess.

Thank you, I like the colour as well.

DH makes some fabulous sweaters. Pity it rarely gets cold enough here to wear them. I need to buy some cotton yarn. He is the king of fair isle and I have enough patterns to keep him busy. :D