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02 August 2006

Baldric the Trekking Sock Is Back From Vacation!

Some may recall, I was unable to go on vacation with Carol, so I sent Baldric, my Trekking sock, in my stead.

Baldric, my Trekking sock is back from vacation and still resting with his pal Norman. Carol has been nice enough to allow Baldric to stay on a bit longer in Chicago.

Now, what everyone enjoys, vacation photos! Or as I look at it, vacation by proxy.

Norman and Baldric at a rest stop in mid-Wisconsin.

playing checkers at Cracker Barrel in Madison, WI

the boys at the northern WI veterans war memorial in Washburn County on Hwy. 53.

boys hiking in Ely, MN at Farm Lake

the boys fishing at South Farm Lake Ely, MN

1 comment:

Carol said...

The pictures look great. Baldric will be back home some time next week. :D