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13 August 2006


Today is my dear friend Deb's BIRTHDAY!! Here is to wishing her a splendid day with many, many more to follow. In your honour we are finally admitting our grill is a serious hazard and the guys are at this moment looking for a suitable (read inexpensive) replacement. Due to this purchase falling on your special day, we shall name our grill, what else, but Deb.

An update on The Braids Cardi-finally-how many were beginning to wonder? All that is left to do are the sleeves, some serious blocking, and sewing on buttons.

For most a birthday, a new grill, and an almost completed cardi would be enough. Not for me. I have more. Three things in one photo (okay, that part was an accident). I have really been bitten by the cycling bug and pondered over how I could get stronger when it is too humid to step outside, or it is lightening out. Then I learned of trainers. Oh these are wonderful things. I cannot even imagine how I made it through life without one. Also included in the picture, my beautiful cat, she had not seen much blog time and was feeling left out. The final object of interest in the photo would be my Amish (read all made by hand), complete with wooden lid, picnic basket. I think it is gorgeous.

I still have time to get in a bike ride before Mystery! begins-yes I will be picking up and working a sleeve during Mystery!

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Carol said...

I need a close up of the picnic looks lovely !