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22 August 2006

It Is All A Blur

I have nothing to show that could even pass as knitting. Between illnesses, getting the kiddos ready for school, and preparing for the impeding in-law visit, I have not touched my knitting (hanging my head in shame).

DH went and bought himself a new bike (we are an all Trek Bike family now) and while he was there, had my wheels and cassette upgraded. Yes, he is wonderful and all mine.

I feel obligated to show a picture or two. Sorry, I have no knitting. I do however have DH's bike and my bike together. For you cyclists out there, the seat was promptly swapped out and the pedals changed on his bike. I just do not have a photo and it is too dark to retake photos.

To comply with my cat blog status...a photo of my darling, note she is not at all stressed.

To answer any knitterly questions, yes I will be knitting and posting updates, I promise!


trek said...

Gee, what a tense and unhappy feline! not.

CatR said...

Is that a Freudian slip there - 'impeding in-law visit'? ;-) 300 miles on the bike already - wow!

Carol said...

I love the picture of Dani...she has stress free napping down to a science!

I love the bikes. Where was the picture taken?