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06 August 2006

Where Has The Summer Gone?

I admit, odd title when it is this hot and humid out, yet seriously this summer has flown by. It has been jam packed and adding a new hobby to an already crazed schedule does not appear on the surface to be the wisest of choices. I must say, I love biking and it is a wonderful family activity.

If this entry sounds disjointed, it is because I, along with half the state, were buying schools supplies. It may take awhile for me to recover from that ordeal.

I apologize for lack of knitting content. I do have knitting pictures, but first my new sweet ride-yes I have posted her before, but now she has new pedals. :-) Here she is, a Trek 1000 with a Brooks B17S Saddle. Check her out! Ignore the fence, which needs a fresh coat of paint-it is way too humid out to paint, that is my story and I am sticking with it.

I have spent a fair amount of time in the car this summer, especially this past month. My all time favourite car knitting project is the Irish Hiking Scarf. No thought is required, hence my second completed scarf of the summer-okay, technically I have not bound this one off or woven the ends in, but let us not dwell.

Finally, my Braids Cardi. I have not posted pictures because the phases in the pattern I am in do not photograph well, as is evidenced in the next photo. I picked up about a bazillion stitches which will become the button band and neck. As you shall soon see, it is not a pretty picture. It looks as though I am knitting some deranged outfit for my cat. Do not say I did not warn you.

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