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15 September 2006

The Braids Cardi

At long last the Braids Cardi is finished, or is it? The button band needs a little more blocking. From the front, the cardi is okay, but the back is not a slimming design. This is not a sweater for someone with broad shoulders as it accentuates the width of the shoulder region.

The front:

Prepare for the back...Ready? Instant 10-15 pound weight gain coming up.

Notice the cables are pulled wide to accommodate my shoulders then the yarn sucks back in right below the shoulder blades? ICK! I could block the sweater wider, but then I will end up with a boxy fit. Decisions, decisions, decisions. I am too disgusted right now to be rational about this sweater. Curse you linebacker shoulders!

I plan to ignore my cardi for the time being and hope a solution comes to mind. For now, I shall go back to working the body of my FLAK.


rachel said...

Down here in the mountains they're called "Tennessee Plow-girl Shoulders", and yeppers, I have them!

Not sure which I would do either. But, the FLAK certainly intrigues me, but perhaps I should finish all I have on the needles before starting something else!


Becky said...

That's a beautiful sweater. I hear ya about the wide shoulders, though. In some clothes I look I've been hung from my shoulder bones. Hope you come up with a solution that suits you.

peggy said...

Actually I like the way the back looks. It looks like you went to a lot of trouble to hand fit it.