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27 September 2006

Camera Shy

I am so very close to finishing my FLAK, yet so very far away. The sweater is making me hot. Seriously, it is one warm sweater, which would be useful if it was cool here, sadly it is not.

Trust me when I say I took 16 photos before giving up (well something not so nice came out of my mouth, then I gave up) all hope of producing a decent photo of the beast.

I am starting to wonder if the beast is camera shy. Anyway, this is the best out of 16. It is shaded, it is at an odd angle, and it is the last I hope to take before it is finally finished.

Tomorrow I go meet a new neurologist and hear the results of my MRI please think good thoughts.

1 comment:

CatR said...

Good thoughts were and are continuing to be thunk.